Our Process

- How we do it -

We often get asked what our process is. Here is a guideline to our process.

  • You will receive an en route email notification when the technician is on his way. The email will include a picture of the technician that will be arriving so you can be sure it is us.
  • Our professional technician will arrive at your door in uniform
  • We will verify your furnace operation before commencing the cleaning process.
  • We will need to turn off your furnace.
  • Our technicians will carefully remove all cold air returns for high pressure cleaning. This is where majority of the dust is located because in order for your furnace to force air up it must take air in. Being as this is where your furnace takes in air it also takes in household dust and debris. Heavier dust and debris will not get carried down to your furnace filter. Therefore, the majority of this dust and debris will remain in your duct air system. Eventually over time this will slow down the furnace intake air flow which then affects the performance of the furnace and air conditioning system.
  • We will remove your furnace blower and expose the recoup coil for cleaning.
  • A 8-10” hose will be hooked up to your main ductwork to clean the supply and return air ducts (several hook-ups may be needed).
  • Hook-ups are done by cutting a 6-8" access hole in the main ductwork (access holes may exist if duct cleaning has previously been completed).
  • We will then need to get access to all the vents throughout the house to apply high pressure to each vent with approximately 175-195 PSI using the “push-pull” method to loosen and force all the debris down to the powerful vacuum with HEPA filter hooked up to your furnace/main air supply duct work.
  • Dust or debris around the house will not be a factor because we will bag off each vent before proceeding
  • To conclude the duct cleaning procedure, we will then air scrub the main ducts. This pulls out the dust and remaining large debris that was forced down with the high-pressure air.
  • We clean the furnace - blower motor, fan blades, recoup coil (if applicable) and filter compartment. (This service is not offered by most other duct cleaning companies in Regina and is included in our price)
  • If requested we can deodorize the system (extra charges apply, please request deodorizing at time of booking.)
  • All access holes will be professionally sealed.
  • The furnace will be turned back on to test and confirm proper operation.
  • All vents and wall returns will be carefully put back.
  • We clean or replace your furnace filter.
  • Finally, we perform a customer walkthrough and conclude billing.
  • Your invoice will arrive in your email with before and after photos attached to the bottom of it.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Please keep in mind, the order may vary slightly based on the layout of your furnace and ductwork.



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